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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 2, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. this is fox news continuing coverage of the george zimmerman murder trial in central florida. right now the defense attorney is questioning the head medical examiner for seminole county. the medical examiner did not examine the body of trayvon martin, but instead is working off reports and has described zimmerman's injuries to his head as minor. now the defense attorney continues questioning. let's his listen. >> consistent with one but suggested by turning the head in different ways, it could be three. >> three or four? >> with no injury, yes.
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if the head did not contact, yes. >> how about below the laceration? did you notice that? >> the contusion. >> below. could that have been a separate injury? >> it's possible. >> well, if the head was hit so that just the crown hit the cement one time, let's say his head just snapped back and -- that could have caused one of the lacerations, correct? >> yes. so close to each other. that's the approximately that really kind of makes it possible. >> i appreciate that. so, if the head was tilted one way and then smacked back, so this was the crowning point, that would be one laceration. >> it's possible. >> then if the head was this way, another laceration injury. >> that's possible. >> if way was able to resist a toss, i can keep the crown higher in the back, bruising that you justified, could have
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occurred? >> it's unusual. talking about the flat surface. so, the head will have to be really contorted to give you all those injuries from different impacts. >> changing now -- so it's not the cement. change that it's here. changing that what was hitting, the bruise on the bottom, wasn't flat, that it was against the side. would that cause the lack of bruising down here without the laceration? >> if i by what? >> by the cement. the cement sidewalk. >> ey. >> you know they're an edge of cement? >> it's possible. like you suggested. >> well, here's the cement. and we have been arguing -- been talking, discussing, all the injuries. right? >> correct. >> so let's introduce now that
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there could have been some injuries here. >> your honor, object can facts not in evidence. >> expert witness. overalled. >> it's a possibility that the head being hit against the cement could easily be lacerations above may not have ever impacted again when the bottom bruising occurred. >> it's possible. >> focused you on life-threatening injuries. >> correct. >> tide they suggest to you in your testimony this has anything to do with life-threatening injuries? >> i didn't hear that. >> the state when they prepped
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you for your testimony here today suggest that life-threatening injuries was an element of anything having to too with this case? >> no. >> okay. do you understand that the extent of injuries are not significant in this case, do you not? >> i'm sorriry. i didn't get that. >> the extent of injuries that mr. zimmerman incurred in the attack have nothing to do with the case itself. correct? >> october as -- object as calling for a legal conclusion. >> improper question. rephrase. >> i will. >> were you prepared for the examination to identify whether or not you could testify that there were life-threatening injuries or not? >> no. >> okay.
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none of these injuries you identified as they turned out were in fact life-threatening. >> correct. >> what about the next injury. >> what is that. >> the next injury he would have stained. >> i'm sorry. i didn't get that. >> could the injury that he didn't have to survive -- can that have been life-threatening. >> object, calling for speculation. >> sustained. >> if i might have a moment, your honor. >> well, this is a bit tedious. again, shepard smith in new york. as the defense lawyer for george zimmerman is questioning the medical examiner, who did not examine george zimmerman, about the extent of his injuries. now, on direct examination, the medical examiner from seminole county florida, testified these are minor injuries. that's how she classified them. you can bet that on reredirect,
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they'll try to get a witness to say there was more than that. they're continuing now. >> are you testifying here today because miss corey wrote a letter on you've behalf to the governor. >> no. >> are you slanting your tonight because miss cory wrote a letter for you? >> absolutely not. >> all right. you were shown some photographs by defense counsel. were you provided with all those photographs prior to trial on the disk that you referred to? >> yes. >> and in fact i think you referred to 36 photographs of the defendant. >> yes. >> did that also include photographs of his hands? >> yes. >> would you expect someone who was undergoing a severe attack to try to defend themselves? >> object, your honor. outside of the scope and'm speculation. >> sustained on both grounds. >> you were asked about a scenario where the defendant may
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have hit his head on the edge of concrete when you watched the defendant's walk-through or recreation, did he describe getting his head hit on the emof concrete? >> no. >> judge, thank you. that's all i have. >> may the doctor be excused in. >> she may. >> shepard: that's an important honest there. the crux of all this from the zimmerman testimony and the zimmerman lawyers' point of view here, what was happening is trayvon martin, from the defense story is trayvon martin was beating on george zimmerman, was using mma, mixed martial arts tactics on him, and by the way, george zimmerman had been taking mixed martial arts classes, and his head was on the concrete and that's how he got these wounds, that trayvon martin was beating on him.
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arthur aidala is with us, "studio b" legal analyst. and jonathan spilborghs, a lawyer as well. what do you make about what mark o'mara was doing there? the defense attorney whom you saw. >> he was doing a very good job, and he was being very direct. when the prosecutor prepared you to testify here today, even though that's what a prosecutor is supposed to do, any lawyer is supposed to do. gives the impression to the jury that, wait, she was prepared. she was told what to say. and then the way he ended, i really appreciated how he did that. he had it prepared. what about the next injury he didn't have to sustain, basically because he killed him? what kind of damage could that have opportunity? he knew he would get an objection but it add dodge. keeps the jurors' attention and the prosecutor got up and tried to clean it up. these are not life-threatening injuries, ladies and gentlemen. these are not the kind of injuries you blow someone away
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for. >> the point is they don'ta hrk o'mara drove home. its doesn't matter whether the injuries were actually life-threatening as long as zimmerman reason my believed the were. >> shepard: around this time of day they take a break in the testimony and they've done so now. i'm going to continue to talk to the lawyers. this matter of who was on top of whom is at the crux of all this, and what they're trying to establish here, the prosecution is trying to say, this man chased after our -- after this man, and he defended himself, trayvon martin did, and as he was defending himself, zimmermansome shot him and killed him and that's why they say this is murder in the second degree. >> right. that's the whole theory of the prosecution's case and its falling short. the issue isn't whether or not from a self-defense standpoint. the fact that zimmerman got out of the car when he didn't have to, and trayvon martin was armed only with skittles-isn't the whole argument. the argument is, when they came toe to toe, at what point was
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trayvon martin the aggressor or george zimmerman the aggressor? that's the crux of the case, because whoever was the aggressor had the right for self-defense. >> shepard: the one who started this confrontation, the other person is immediately in pint of self-defense. for instance, if trayvon martin turned towards george zimmerman and began this, we have one thing. if george zimmerman went up to trayvon martin and said, what are you doing? as if -- as has been described and physically attacked him, and then trayvon martin defended himself and got the better of george zimmerman in the case of that defense, and then george zimmerman shot and killed him, not sure that flies. >> shepard, what's your definition of starting it? the first blow? the threat? and if i may, just say something about the skittles, he didn't just have skittles. i don't know for me it hits home. he had a snapple bottle. and a snapple bottle is a weapon. a decent weapon if you need to
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use it. a full -- either full or broken, you have a piece of glass in your hand. that's never -- >> they haven't gone there. >> what i would say, as the prosecutor, if trayvon martin was going to use deadly physical force, he had the weapon in his hand. he didn't need to use the cement. if he is on top of'm him, bang him in the head. instead the 17-year-old dude is using his fists. newt ali, not mike tyson, is that enough? >> but slamming george zimmerman's head against the con riot. >> that's a question of fact. the closest guy who testified said, saw zimmerman on top. i saw punches being thrown. i didn't see them land. sir, tide you ever see him slamming trayvon martin's head to the ground? no, i never saw that. >> injuries to the back of zimmerman's head didn't get there by major. >> could have been caused by the punch of the face and he is hitting on the back of the cement. >> okay. >> that what the medical examiner was trying to bring out. sorry for yelling.
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>> shepard: yelling happens. i wonder what you think of the demeanor in the courtroom so far? the prosecutors came out with this very dramatic statement, and you remember the curse words in the virgining and the lines he went through. and then later, we -- today we have gotten to where witnesses testified, the very police officer who was involved there said, it didn't go down like that. that's not how he said that. and demeanor matters. >> demeanor adds to or takes away from a person's credibility. >> they always get away, these blanking punks. >> wait a minute. let's just a pose that against the video, which is now the whole reason why george zimmerman doesn't have to take the stand and how credible he came across in the video. when he said, i approached him, he punched me in the face, he covered my nose and mouth, he went for hi gun. that adds up to self-defense. textbook self-defense. >> what they're going to do -- i've been thinking about -- why did they do that? they were putting all of this
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in. i think the prosecutor is going to use it to show all of the inconsistencies between story and story and story. >> shepard: the testimony will begin in a moment and we'll get to the other big news around the world.
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>> shepard: you can see from the seal of the great state of florida they're still in recess in the zimmerman trial, in seminole county there in sanford, florida. a bit of a clarification on our discussion. we were talking about the skittles and the snapple. it was actually an arizona iced tea and wasn't a bottle, it was a can. arthur is on time-out in the corner but everybody is cool. and there's the watermelon arizona iced tea and the skittles, original flair, and they're going to get back into all this in a minute. that's why we haven't heard that as a weapon. at any rate, we'll listen to all the testimony. i need to update you while we have this break in the trial. the pressure is mounting on
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egypt's president in an enormous way and this is about to get extremely serious. he faces not one but two deadlines in the political crisis. look atta heir -- look at tahir square. lacen. >> 16 past nine at night. the an enormous crowd of protesters have gathered again. they told us millions of people, literally millions, have been gathering in cities across the country, as many as a million right here in cairo itself. crowd bigger than when they were getting morsi in, in the first play. the said if the president doesn't step down tonight, the military will step up its campaign against him and even march on the presidential palace. demonstrators already aquacked the headquarters0s moore si's political organization this muslim brotherhood, and that was sunday. when millions of people took to the streets, calling for the been islamist leader to resign.
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dead line number two is from the military. it declared yesterday if morsi does not strike a deal with the protesters by tomorrow, the military will intervene. now, this would not be unprecedented. the military then posted on its facebook page it does not intend a coup. so you wonder what it does plan to do? president morsi has shown no signs he will adhere to either deadline, but also faces internal pressure as several high-ranking government officials have quit in recent days. it's complicated and conor pawle is live from cairo. what is the army planning to dive all sides can't reach an agreement? >> well, shepard, the military here in egypt just wants to find a political solution to this crisis. but the crowd behind me in tahir square see it differently. i they have been celebrating all day all night, they believe the
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military has taken the side of the protesters against mohammad morsi. the head of the egyptian military met today with president more morsi and is floating a plan that would scrap the constitution, would dissolve parliament and hold new elections. this would severely hurt the muslim brotherhood which controls the presidency and he parliament. the military wants to find a way to end the crisis. the muslim brotherhood thinks this is a political and military coup. the crowds on the streets in tahrir see this as a good thing. where this will led is still very unclear. >> shepard: speaking hype -- hypothetically, if the military steps in, how dot thattened the political turmoil? >> the mood of the promorsi rallies changed. that were much more defending
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law enforcement seems to be a battle between for islam and against islam. making this even more polarized. there's been hushed talks bat civil war here if this isn't a political solution to this crisis. it is very tense right now despite the fireworks and the celebration in tahrir square. there's a lot of concern about what happens next. the opposition groups not well organized so it's not to say the muslim brotherhood would not win another election but right now they're controlling the atmosphere in tahrir square calt morsi to leave but he is showing no sign of leaving. >> shepard: in central florida, the trial is still in recess for the george zimmerman murder
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case. the seal is still up. we believe they have a couple more minutes so a good time to slide in a commercial break.
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it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> shepard: the players are back in the courtroom. the jury is is not there. when the jury gets back the'll continue the testimony. phil kate is outside the courthouse. mark o'mara with strong words about the last witness, the chief medical examiner. >> she is the jacksonville, florida, medical examiner. she was testifying for the state as an expert witness. she never did the up a d autopsy or examine the body of trayvon martin or treat or see the injuries of george zimmerman in person but she was testifying on the stand for the state that,
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number one, based on the photographs of the wounds and injuries and cuts and aoperations on george zimmerman's head on the days after the shooting incident, she says those were not life-threatening injuries. and they were very insignificant. she testified there's no way that would be consistent with what she would expect if somebody was repeatedly having their skull slammed on to a sidewalk as george zimmerman claims trayvon martin was doing. so, the state -- the defense attorney for george zimmerman, mark omar remarks saying, who gave you your job? well, angela corey is the state attorney for the jacksonville district who happens to be the person appointed by the governor of florida to be special prosecutor in this case, which then last april of 2012 led to george zimmerman's arrested and charged with second degree murder. so o'mara saying you're in the
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pocket of the state here, and the jury heard all of this, and o'mara did get her to concede, while she says they're not life-threatening, and she does think they were insignificant, she cannot 100% rule out that his head did in fact make impact with concrete. >> shepard: they can't 100% rule out much of anything. >> it's all about how those injuries were caused. even though -- he's right about zimmerman's feelings and how he perceives the threat. use common sense. what are the injuries? let's say there were no injuries and trayvon martin just approached him and he said, was afraid for my life, had to blow him away. nobody will believe that. that's why this cement and the concrete and the injuries are critical in a juror, using their common sense to determine whether zimmerman had the right to use deadly physical force. >> injuries did not get there
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via slingshot with a tiny pebble. i think we can all conceit that the two of these guys were going to toe to toe. have the physical injuries to back of the head-the-front of the face. so i don't care what the m.e. says about the signature attendance of the injuries. it goes to whether or not zimmerman reasonably believed the was in peril and if your head is getting slammed on the concrete. or the grass, somebody bashing your head into something -- >> don't have to blow him away. >> somebody is hitting my head on the grass and i have a gun i'm probably going to be in reasonable fear for moyer life. >> shepard: the reason we're talking over what is happening here is because they're argueing over whether some information about george zimmerman's criminal justice studies should be allowed into evidence. it looks like this is going to take a minute so rather than missing more testimony we'll
12:28 pm
take a quick commercial break and get you back to the testimony live on fox news channel, unlike some others.
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>> shepard: our coverage the zimmerman trial continues the attorneys are getting after it here about whether zimmermansome's criminal justice studies should be allowed into evidence, and before the jury. the defense attorney said, we're not bringing in trayvon martin's school records. so it's a little back and forth. the jury is not in there. we'll get back with testimony. there's some very interesting side items and trace gallagher has been on them for us. zimmerman's best friend has described testifying against him? >> the best friend actually testifying for the prosecution, but not necessarily against him. the best friend's name is mark osterman and he is a federal air marshal and says zimmerman was the best friend he ever had. even wrote a book called, defending our friend, the most hated man in america, and when the book came out defense
12:32 pm
attorney mark o'mara called the man you're seeing right now, a headache because of the differing accounts in the book over the struggle for the gun. george zimmerman never said there was a struggle for the gun. this guy wrote in his book that in fact there was a struggle for the gun and he said in the book, quoting, zimmerman said somehow i broke his grip on the gun where the guy grabbed it between the rear sight and he hammer. under protection, osterman admitted he might have gotten that wrong because he didn't write it down. >> you recall that trayvon martin -- zimmerman said trayvon was reaching for it. >> i thought he said he had grabbed the gun. i only heard the story twice, and whether it was grabbed the gun, grabbed for the gun, perhaps it was just -- i believe he said he grabbed the gun. >> and that's a big thing. perhaps it what just the intent.
12:33 pm
so the bottom line here osterman saying maybe i didn't hear correctly, and he convinced george zimmerman to actually get a gun. i want to show you this instagram posted on the -- remember don west, the knock-knock joke lawyer hitches daughter posted this picture of them eating an ice cream cone and this is causing controversy but a the prosecution wants the court to look into this but a the bottom of the question says, we beat stupidity celebration and dad can id. they're talking about the crocks of rachael jeantel, the last person on the phone with prosecute prosecute and that was the reference to her, the prosecutors were saying, respectfully we request the court conduct an inquiry to make
12:34 pm
sure witnesses are treated as respect and not occasion for inappropriate jokes and the defense said, yeah, yeah, that was insensitive. so we don't know what the court action will be on that but clearly the lawyer, don west, has gotten caught in a bad situation again. >> it would appear. thank you, sir. again, still making the same argument. tonight will resume -- testimony will resume in a minute. he mentioned rachel jeantele who was on the phone with trayvon martin before the attack happened. and if you are a close follower you know much has been written about that young woman, and the sort of culture divide as many have described it, between her and the prosecutor, who was going after her. and it's been ugly. this is a young woman who speaks three languages you may not have -- i mean, he dialect you
12:35 pm
might not have understood or not in touch with her, but -- i dent know. much has been written. >> she was a horrible witness for the prosecution. >> shepard: she got some points in, though. >> she came across as very uneducated. speaking to the instagram. you don't kick a puppy. your father, friend,ow don't call somebody stupid in a major murder case like this. whether she was or wasn't doesn't matter. she can't defend herself again that. it's bad decorum. her father should have a grip on his kid before she was allowed to do that and it paints -- this is not a game to be won or lost. this is a search for the truth, and maybe george zimmerman had a right to self-defense, maybe he didn't. there's no winner our loser and you can't do that kind of crap -- -- excuse me -- online in major high protropical case. >> daughter of lawyer and very high profile lawyer, especially in central florida, you know --
12:36 pm
>> imagine if i did one of those pranks if i was in a big case. different set of teeth. as a dad it's going to tillkill you and that shows you the technology how had gone things run away. but i disagree. i don't think she was such a terrible witness for the prosecution. she made some points. and i think the prosecutor was smart to put her on early gow baas now you'll forget about her demeanor and remember her words. her word wells be quoted from a transcript without her aggravation and frustration evident in the jury, and the were things she said like, why are you following me? that's a problem from a common-sense point of view for a jury. why are you following me? zimmerman, why are you following trayvon martin? if you believe that, i think you have a common sense problem. i know maybe by the letter of the law but these are six women who know there's a dead boy there, and the mom and dad are sitting right there, looking at them. >> the jurors are going to have a problem with the fact she was
12:37 pm
so belligerent that even if you want to believe her, you almost can't. it pained her to be on stand. >> ladies and gentlemen, i don't get to pick my witnesses. i don't get to put people who -- >> you kinda do. >> no, you don't. >> should have stayed her -- in case they didn't need heir. >> my point is trayvon martin chose who he was going to speak with on the phone. it wasn't a priest, a nun, a rabbi. it happened to be that young person who is not trained to speak publicly. she is not trained to speak in front of jurors and television cameras, interhandle any broadcast. that's a internationally broadcast. and that's nerve-wracking and the shut down and crawl inside themselves and she was defending herself. >> what about the salient point that trayvon martin, that what's bird of a feather. that was -- >> she is not a criminal.
12:38 pm
>> the prosecution wants to patient him as a choir boy, minding his own business, buying skittles for his little brother. we have evidence the jurors will never see. here's a woman that he kept company with, who had total contempt for the justice system. >> that doesn't mean birds of a feather are flock together. >> you would be on the stand for me. >> that's a trained advocate for people. that's what i do every day. that's not what this young woman does. if you told me she had a rap sheet, i'd agree. >> salient point. if the defense wants trayvon martin to be painted as a punk, that witness did the job for them. >> shepard: you wonder how fair that is? that's what i've been reading about all day in different publications, without notice of conservative, liberal, except there is a cultural divide and there's been a cultural divide
12:39 pm
ind, florida, that has been well-documented and you can look it up, for a long time. used to work there in that market, am familiar with the cultural divide. it's well documented and all over the place. part of the point being made is, here you have an older, well educated white guy, and a young woman who is from maybe the other side of the cultural divide, and that's the place where trayvon martin was living. and just because he is on one side of the cultural divide and there's -- they're on the other side, doesn't mean that this divide should remain. it's something over which we're trying to cross, and through which we're trying to find justice, and just seems the demeaning nature of comments against that woman didn't have any place in all of this in the sale same way thought that lawyer's daughter's instagram didn't have any place in this, but when you get this enormous high volume, high pressure, looking at all the news channels
12:40 pm
and we're all on it. when there's thens much going on and every single central in florida, channel 6, channel 9, channel 2, channel 13, the fox channel there, everybody is covering this thing wall-to-wall,. everybody's life has changed. >> i hear what you're saying about the divide between the attorney and witness but there are certain places in new york city, you go to the bronx the jurors are much more like the witness than they are the attorneys, and the attorney is the one who is squirming trying to row late to the jury. >> not here in sanford and not on this jury this case. >> correct. you're right. that's interesting when you watch the lawyer squirming to try to relate to the jurors, as opposed to here it's the other way around. the witness is trying to relate to a jury pool. >> look around online. what i'm talking about is all out there. you already know what i'm talking about. they're still arguing, yack,
12:41 pm
yack, yack, we'll have phil keating explain this and then we'll let you hear the witness testimony.
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inextra. >> shepard: they're arguing on the same point and gotton to the crux of it all. this is about whether george zimmerman had knowledge of florida's stand your ground law, that he might have learned while studying criminal justice, and might have, as a result of that, governed himself accordingly. they're still in the middle of this and just decided to recess for 30 minutes. the jury never came back in the courtroom. so they're going to recess for 30 minutes to work this out. this is important there had been allegations throughout and supposition certainly from all kinds of parties, that george zimmerman knew about stand your ground, and basically that is, if attacked, you have no duty to retreat. and there are certain rules and situations that apply within the
12:45 pm
stand your ground law and he was governing himself accordingly, in other words, doing as much as he could while realizing he could claim -- this would fall under the stand your ground law. that's what what his lawyers have done. they have not invokedded stand your ground. nevertheless what the prosecution is trying to say is that he knew what he was doing, he wanted this fight. after all, these punks always get away with it. right? phil keating has been listening to the arguments. they were not in front of the jury. some interesting points being made, especially after this judge gave the prosecutor -- threw the prosecutor a bone when she decided to strike from the record some testimony from yesterday, phil. >> that was very important this morning. a lot of criticism coming from outsiders about bernie de la rionda and the rest of the prosecution team for the state, waiting all night long to raise
12:46 pm
that objection. this is from yesterday afternoon in cross-examination when -- the lead detective on the trayvon martin shooting case from 2012, the commentary of serino, basically o'meara got him to say that he thought what zimmerman was telling him in all of these, say, dozen repeated interviews over multiple days was truthful. he was telling the truth or he was a pathological liar was the quote from the stand from chris serino, the detective, and o'mara followed with, will, dud you think mr. zimmerman was being truthful? and he said i thought he was and that sat with the jury all night long and only this morning when the prosecutor came in and said this was an opinion as to the defendant's truthfulness and that should not be allowed. the judge agreed. so the jury was told to forget you heard that. how well that can actually be
12:47 pm
accomplished, i can't tell you for certain. there was also some interesting this afternoon, sean hannity interview was played, sean hannity interviewed zimmerman shortly after he was arrested and charged with second degree murder and they played clips of the interview today in which san hannity asked george zimmerman, were you aware of florida's stand your ground law at all? and in that interview, which the jury heard this afternoon, george zimmerman says, no, i never was aware of this at all, which leads to us this big battle that is going on in the courtroom over the past 20 minutes between the attorneys, because the prosecutors want to bring in all of this evidence from zimmerman's collegiate past. going to community college, studying law enforcement and criminal law and want to submit his textbooks and e-mails, because the state contends not only did zimmerman want to be a police officer and had great
12:48 pm
enthusiasm for a pursuing that but also had great knowledge as far as criminal law and criminal litigation, and prosecutors would contend if they get into this testimony, that perhaps george zimmerman knew exactly how to phrase what he needed to say to police officers in order for the police officers to find the stand your ground law in florida, the state's self-defense law, which allows you to use deadly force if you feel you have a reasonable belief your life is being thanked. not just at your own house or property but anywhere you are in the state of florida. heavily criticized and very controversial in the state. so this will be a big ruling by the judge after she mulls over case law and legal arguments. >> shepard: the judge is going to do that over the course of the next 30 minutes. this is important because the prosecution was very much like to say to this jury, remember, he said they always get away, and he wanted to take the law into his own hands.
12:49 pm
he wanted to go just as far as he could go to send a messaging, stay out of our neighborhood that's what the prosecution would like to do. >> i hope they don't, and they probably shouldn't legally speaking. i think this is outrageous and totally convolutes what is going on here. even if zimmerman is familiar with the law. so what. i i'm a lawyer. i can still get arrested for something. so what if he knew the law. it's a very large leap to save because he enough what the law was he con officialed -- cop conformed himself to create a defense. there's no evidence to show that when you take the evidence we have. you can't get inside his mind and say he made it up to create this defense. >> arthur? >> jurors are allowed to draw certain conclusions. they have to weigh the credibility and all of these different statements, and if an argument can be made he knew the law regarding self-defense because the took classes and
12:50 pm
there are not necessary live the way he acted but the way he told the story afterwards two people there, on one exists, that person is telling the story. he knew if i say this as opposed to this, it's justified versus not justified. something jurors can keep in mine. >> shepard: the next thing we're going to learn is whether the judge bill allow the history. and there was a letter he write to the sanford police chief saying, i'm starting to work for my neighborhood, i'm a neighborhood watch guy, so there had been a lot of contact, whether any of is allowed will be in 20 minutes. we're going to take a quick commercial break, get you updated on the situation in egypt, which is escalating. in addition, we're going to get you updated on the rest of the day's news, and take a look at the dow which has been all over the place today. hang on. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice.
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>> shepard: approaching the top of the hour in cairo where the protests continue in tahrir square. now six minutes before 10:00 p.m., and it's our understanding that the locals are reporting people are out more than a million people. the fireworks are going off. the lasers are down there and the crux is that the people are complaining that the president, the muslim brotherhood's muhammad morsi, duly elected, has not done what he said he was going to do, hasn't made democratic reforms, trying to change the presidency, trying to change the constitution, and in the end, trying to give himself more power and give more power to muslim brotherhood, to take it away from a secular nation and toward one that is more religious in nature. the people are unhappy and
12:55 pm
demanding the president go and they come up one-half new constitution. the military appears to be on the side of the people for the moment. yesterday flew helicopters over tahrir square. the head of the military said muhammad morsi you have 48 hours to work things out with these people and get things straight or wore going to intervene. the then the military said we're not go to have a coup. what does the military mean by, we're going to intervene. why do you care? a look at the neighborhood might lend you some information. it's in the middle of a region in turmoil, and it can't take anymore, and the hopees that they'll get this thing worked out. hopes are high but hope is frankly not a strategy. the zimmerman trial is in a break for the next about 15 minutes. arthur aidala and jonna are
12:56 pm
here. who has the upper hand then, prosecution or the defense? >> i think defense. if the jurors had to leave today and make up their mind they would come back with not guilty for george zimmerman. the element of self-defense thus far -- we're still in the middle of the prosecution's case -- to me have been laid out. >> i have to concur at this point. you have to give the prosecution a chance to connect the dots. you add the human elements dia may not be easy to look at that mother and father and say, sorry. >> shepard: from all reports inside the courtroom these jurors are paying very close attention. taking notes, watching videos like a hawk. we'll have final thoughts right after this.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> shepard: about ten minutes until the jury comes back in or the judge makes a ruling on what sort of past criminal studies they'll allow on george zimmerman. we'll have coverage of that tonight. on fox report. right now, look at the dow. we're way up earlier and then it
1:00 pm
went way down, about 1:30 this afternoon, 1:40, and now we're down 30. or something like that. not too bad. cavuto is coming up. have a great afternoon. see you tonight. >> neil: young and restless. not this guy. these guys. because apparently lots of young folks are ticked off as well. welcome everybody. in god we trust maybe but when it comes to in government we trust, well, maybe not. and for nearly eight of tendown merges definitely not. that's how many young adults sale the government surveillance programs are invading their privacy. 77%. that has markedly higher than the already 59% of all americans who feel the same way in the same poll. all of this, as the president's approval rating continues


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